What People Say About Samuel?

Our world is a college, events are teachers, happiness is the graduating point, and character is the diploma God gives to man.
-Newell Dwight Hillis

What People Say About Samuel ?

I met Samuel in 2008 right after my MBA and out on the field trying to sell better than him. Understood how invincible he was. That's when I decided to get acquainted with him and learn the trick. Ever since he has always obliged my requests for a coaching session. He had coached me in parking lots, on the road, in restaurants, in his car, and I have thoroughly learned how to ask when you have a need. He pushed me many times out of my comfort zone and thanks to him for doing that to me. If there is one person I would thank for the many successes in my career, it would be Samuel without any saying. Wish he touches many more simple lives and simple individuals and makes wonders to their lives. Thanks, brother for being my coach.


Head Learning & Development
Yamaha Motor Corporation Ltd
My mentor par excellence.
He is my “Merriam–Webster”, my Google search, and my dictionary.
Oh yes, whenever I have a doubt, I called and got, not just an answer but a thorough, well-researched explanation, detailed to the minute's point.
Call him by 11 at night or 6 in the morning; he is always there for you.
He always sets my goal, well, far beyond my wildest imagination. All that we need, is to have faith, rest falls in place when blindly followed.
SAM, not just raises the bar for us to achieve, he follows it diligently with all his might. Many great barriers were crossed effortlessly by his seemingly infinite energy.

Pandian Rajkumar

Head L&D- ICICI Foundation (Rural)
We were a very successful team who took our performance to the next level. With Samuel’s help, we identified our two areas and went to work. We used everyone’s help and support to exceed our improvement expectations and had fun! A team’s dedication to continuous improvement combined with Samuel’s proven process ROCKS!

President HR

Reliance Infrastructure
I have had the great fortune of working with Samuel for ten years. He has helped me in so many ways. A trigger represents a natural progression in Samuel’s work and many of the ideas in it have already helped me and many of his other clients. As with all of his teaching, I know that Samuel’s focused, practical and insightful approach will help you in leadership, but even more important, it can help you in life!

Dr. Sakthinathan

Dean-Anna University
Samuel’s coaching invites leaders to focus relentlessly on their behavior. The leader’s behaviors, as well as the team’s behavior, become the basis for great results and continuous improvement. This will be a key to success for the connected, global, knowledge-driven companies of the future.

Ramesh Mahalingam

Chief Financial Officer – Tata Consultancy Services
Samuel has taught me the importance of making a positive difference in every aspect of my life. His coaching techniques and valuable lessons empower you to extract greater meaning from interpersonal relationships and provide a superior understanding of the great results that can be achieved through positive leadership.

Vijay Kumar

I had the great privilege of being coached by Samuel. He has been able to trigger a change in my life and help me move to the next level in leadership. He has changed my life and career.


L&D Head, Chennai 1
No one can match Samuel’s massive footprint in helping people become who they want to be. He is the top thought leader in executive coaching because he drives new thinking about self-motivation, it will help light up many lives!


Training Manager
We place a premium on developing strong leaders at Double Deer Basmati Rice and over the years we have relied greatly on Samuel’s leadership insights to support our executive talent development across the company.

Arun Agarwal

Managing Director
You can’t teach old dogs new tricks…without Samuel Sathish's help. With his coaching, you can change your old behavior to create new outcomes.

Dr. Rajakumari Sundar

Medical Director
Samuel Sathish is a trainer and world-renowned executive coach. His contribution to our group has been immense, and we have greatly benefited from his unparalleled experience and his knowledge.


Dalmia Cement
Samuel is a great coach and teacher. He has done a lot to help both me and our high-potential leaders. His approach is practical, useful, helpful, and fun!

Sabu Isaac

Director - Services Sales
Volvo Trucks