Education today, more than ever before, must see clearly the dual objectives: Educating for living and educating for making a living.
-James Mason Wood


When executed properly, coaching provides greater intrinsic motivation, in other words, inspiring the self-directed willingness to try new things and make new discoveries. According to McKinsey, when employees find greater intrinsic motivation, they are 32% more committed to their work and 46% more satisfied with their jobs.

Coaching, today, has become a popular investment in organizations. Senior leadership places it high on their agenda, to facilitate 10 x growths for the organization.

According to Deloitte, organizations where senior leaders coach effectively and frequently record a 21% improvement in business results,

A Gallup study on coaching says that coaching average performers can improve overall productivity by 19%.

The International Coach Federation found that 86% of organizations that invested in coaching report having recovered their investment in coaching.

A large chunk of organizations, both big and small are investing time, money, and effort into Executive Coaching.

My method of Coaching is called Strategic Intervention. Coaching 2.0

I will be your guide, inspiration, your friend, your colleague, and your bouncing boards as you learn cutting-edge strategies for creating positive change in yourself and others.

Coaches are often the unnamed heroes behind some of the greatest accomplishments by leaders and individuals.